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The Select Las Vegas  is a view of what is happening in Greater Southern Nevada in the real estate.  We also focus on stuff happening in and around the surrounding community.   We celebrate events, people, places and real estate for sale.

REAL ESTATE:  The primary focus of this site is real estate.

We have seasoned agents in Pahrump, Vegas and Henderson skilled in the art of negotiation and professionalism.  Southern Nevada is a destination, A place where people from all over the world come to Vacation…Many choose to make Southern Nevada their home.  Our Property Experts take pride on Extensive knowledge of our areas thus building a solid foundation for your real estate needs.

What is the best area in Southern Nevada – Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Pahrump, etc..?   If you are looking for Vegas area property for sale, you have found the right site. There are always numerous homes available for sale in Southern Nevada. However, if you want to find the right home with your exact requirements, you need to be attentive of three major real estate truths: location, location, oh and your budget.  Call us 702-807-7900

CITY OR COUNTRY?   Most home buyers are aware that location is the main factor that determines the price of an ideal Location.  Home budget in mind, you need to target  the major locations of the Vegas Valley where you would prefer to make your home. Pricing could also be a large consideration due to the fact that you might not find the house that satisfies your ideal requirements. Most people in this situation must make the decision between the perfect neighborhood and the right home.   Whether you want city living like Las Vegas and Henderson or rural property with acres of land in Pahrump  or most of the rest of Southern Nevada, location will determine that affordability.

Videos matter…Real Estate Videos are integral to marketing of a home for sale.  Check out homes in Pahrump, Vegas, Henderson and our YouTube site SelectLasVegas

Whether you are purchasing, selling, or both…we strive to insure that you have the support you need to make to make sound decisions and receive the best deal possible.  Greater Vegas is a Place in the sun and you will love it.. Call us today at 702-807-7900